When you feel down, you have to believe in yourself and proceed


I am the "running motivator" , Shunji.

I couldn't run for a long time this year due to various reasons, but today I would like to tell you a little about that.

There were two main reasons why I couldn't run, one was refraining from going out due to the spread of the new corona infection, and the other reason was that I had anemia.

Especially the latter was difficult.

I didn't understand the cause for a while. 

However, as soon as I ran, I felt tired and couldn't move properly.

Such a situation had been going on for more than a month, so I even wondered if I could run all the time.

Fortunately, during that time, I underwent a comprehensive medical examination and found that I had anemia symptoms, and a detailed examination revealed that I had iron deficiency anemia.

It was only in December the other day that I felt that I had almost recovered thanks to the administration of the iron preparation I had prescribed.

However, the cause could not be identified even after a detailed examination, so it may recur if I stop taking the medicine I am still taking.

Although my body bears such risks, I am truly grateful that I was able to regain my ability to run.

Even when I couldn't run, I changed into a jersey and went out every day before work.

Then, after over 7 minutes per kilometer, I gave up and came back repeatedly.

Even so, on a good day, I was able to run at a pace of less than 7 minutes per km for about 15km, so I was hoping that such a day would continue.

When I think about it now, I think I was thinking too seriously, but at that time I was really suffering because I couldn't see the future.

In such a case, believe in myself as much as possible and do what I can do at that time.

This is the only one.

I was working on it, believing that things would improve, saying, "There is no night that can't be dawned" and "Only the wall that I can overcome appears in front of me."

After all, human beings can only do what they can, so there is no point in worrying about things that they cannot reach.

It's easy to say now, but I have to bring my feelings there while suffering.

Although it is a story of my own small worries, I spelled it with the hope that it would be an ale for those who are suffering.

By the way, I couldn't run because of my leg pain, as I did yesterday...

[Today's result]
Running: 1.97Km, cumulative altitude 1m

Let's run happily tomorrow!






















ラン: 1.97Km 獲得標高1m